The real strength of WMCO is our people. The Organisation is managed by a group of Trustees and a Management Committee, whom are elected at our AGM. The Committee comprises of members (volunteers) with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. All Committee members are people from the local community and have a genuine interest in the benefits that the Organisation brings to those who live in the Wycombe District; working together to meet their social, cultural and educational needs of the community.

The current Management Committee are as follows:

The Board of Trustees takes overall responsibility and acts collectively to govern the Organisation. They are responsible for ensuring the mission and long-term aims of the WMCO are met. Trustees have a legal responsibility to ensure the Organisation is complying with current legislation and governance best practice.

Brian Lewis


Kojo Bonsu

Vice Chairman*

Tonnie Adoh

General Secretary*

Melissa Humphrey

Centre Manager/Finance Officer

Lennox Bute

Leisure Officer*

Cllr Shade Adoh

Social/Welfare Officer*

Jenese Joseph

People/Skills Development Officer*

Daffodil Forbes

Membership Officer*